Chicago and Other Stamp Collectors Clubs

Collectors Club of Chicago (CCC) was established in 1920s. It tarted as informal meetings of specialized collectors that lived in the same neighborhood and local area. It became an official not-for-profit entity in 1928.

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Nine directors were appointed and meetings were held at their homes for years as more amd more members joined in.
Such meetings at somebody's home continued until WWII, at which time the meetings were understandably not very regular and often took months to gather. In 1944 the reorganization meeting was held at home of Maj. Max G. Johl, which has become a standard for today's CCC.
In 1967 CCC member Richard McPherren offered his 4-story brownstone home for all future CCC meetings and so the Clubhouse on 1029 North Dearborn Street was established and is still active today in the same beautiful landmark building.


Due to incorporation and establishment of the official Clubhouse in the early years, today's collectors have a nice place to meet and socialize as often as they want. Having an official clubhouse is a privilege and a benefit. The space is always available and furnished according to members' needs; there is a library and common areas for meetings and research. This is why it's not so easy to become a member of the society with such deep traditions. Membership is by invitation only and is ratified by current membership, so waiting in line for years is not uncommon.

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Chicago is not the only place with established collector's club traditions. There are options in many cities for philatelist from all over the U.S. Let's take a look at few of them:

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