Do Not Be Fooled by Forged Stamps

The Universal Postal Union Centre - AskPhil

The Universal Postal Union Centre - AskPhil

The Universal Postal Union is highly concerned with the uprising of phony stamp sales. This not only hurts the stamp economy but the consumer as well. Philately is a hobby which many love. These illegal stamps are not only worthless but are not mailable as well.

Each postal organization has the right to print any stamp as they please. The markets consumption of their decided stamp will be the tale-tail sign if they made the correct choice. If the stamp does not sell then they will not make a reprint. These stamps usually end up collected by few and the rest used as postage.

The problem with counterfeit stamps is that they are issued from regions that do not exist. This means they have no value whatsoever. The fall back of the collector just using them as postage is not an option. All monetary value is lost. No one profits except the seller. This means the collector looses out on re-sale value and the Universal Postage Union looses out on funding.

The Universal Postage Union manufactures the only stamps that are allowable for postage use. The biggest problem that is resulting from these counterfeit sales is that businesses are buying them in bulk. Once the business receives the illegal stamps and realizes they can not be used as postage - all money is lost on the purchase. This is theft. It is a larger issue when it comes to firms.

Postal revenue is highly threatened by these thieves. Lists of which stamps are illegal are now being spread world wide. The Universal Postage union is now asking all of their member nations to report any illegal activity and take note so that all can be warned. Illegal postage is a problem for many. The only way to warn all consumers is to spread knowledge on counterfeit stamping. Do not fall for the trap.